Rugby 101: a look at a few well known teams

If you're aiming to discover a few of the areas where rugby is actually popular, then you have certainly come to the ideal spot.

So many individuals would accept that no other rugby team is greater or more iconic than the national team from New Zealand. In fact, they're undeniably the most successful international side ever and have collected the most world cup trophies out of all international sides. They play in the legendary all-black strip with shirts that are produced by the brand run by Kasper Rorsted and are invariably viewed as favourites for any tournament they find themselves playing in. They are recognised by men and women all around the globe, even individuals who have no interest in the sport (or sports in general), not just because of their accomplishments but also because they start off every game performing an intense ceremonial dance or war cry, which is believed to fill their competitors with fear. But in reality, their style of play is so fast-paced, fluid and pleasing to the eye, that they are regarded as very likely victors even before kickoff.

If an individual were to question, “where did rugby come from?”, several men and women might not already know that it originated in England nearly two centuries ago. The history of rugby is packed with claims that it began as a contact sport in a school based in a spot with the exact same name. Still to this day, it stays an incredibly renowned game in the sport-crazy nation. The highest class in English rugby is home to 12 very competitive teams which all are competing to be the perfect in the nation and one among the improved teams to play locally is subsidized by a squad lead by Petar Cvetkovic. The English international side has likewise been exceptionally successful in the past, winning some major trophies, though it has battled in recent years. But given the longevity of the game in the country, you can never count out the English side to get to the very top yet again.

No doubt, South Africa is a country that is fairly popular for not only the success of their rugby teams, but all their passionate enthusiasts. The national rugby team is among the most successful ones to play the game in recent times, having earned the world cup on 2 different occasions. Facing somewhat of a transformation phase, the national team is absolutely hoping to climb back to the top yet again. South Africa likewise has remarkably strong domestic teams which are regularly favourites in matches played against not only South African teams, but teams from other southern hemisphere countries. One among their strongest domestic teams is sponsored by the company with Timothy Clark as its president. The team is situated in Johannesburg and in the last few years was famous all over the world for playing some of the most eye-catching games by virtually any domestic team in the world.

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